Book to Movie Review: Divergent (and lots of squealing & screaming)

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Release Date: March 21, 2014
Summit Production
Director: Neil Burger
Casts: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet, Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort

Can I just say that there's a massive promotion of this movie here in the Philippines? This craze didn't happen during City of Bones, Vampire Academy, The Host etc and I was like "WHOAA TO THE OH?"

There's anxiety alongside with excitement for there's this trend in the YA book to movie adaptations recently. I don't want to expect too much for it is the root of heartache. And yes that's Shakespeare reference. Ha. But I guess my anxiety was replaced with relief for I thoroughly enjoy and relish every moment of the film!

MOVIE TAGLINE: What makes you different, makes you dangerous.
BADASS! I am so happy that the tagline they made isn't at all cheesy and ridiculous. It's fierce and it gives an impression of how intense the movie is all about.

MOVIE POSTER: HA! I have mixed feelings about the poster for I totally approve the background + the Ferris Wheeeeel (although it has a minimal appearance like why did they have to cut it!!) The font used for the title is totally cool and I can say well-improved version of the book's title cover.


Oh my freaking cow! This movie totally deserves the anticipation and hype it is receiving! My heart was on my throat while I was watching this yesterday and I just couldn't form enough coherent words after I finish watching it. And up to now I am still not sure onto how will this post would turn out for the only adjectives in my mind are all synonymous to AWESOME.

When it comes to the action scenes, the production and casts made sure that it will be realistic and well, violent. I am not saying that there's gore and too much brutality, but it's great that they made the fight and action scenes realistic to the eyes. When it comes the visual effect + the setting, I was really in awe with how they came up with a "bringing the setting in book to life." From the uniforms of each faction down to every faction's place down to the futuristic effect and advancement of technology it's very Ya-ish. Very divergent book-ish.

When it comes to the casting, the production made a risky decision of not including Uriah in the film. We all know how important his role was in this book and also to the upcoming sequels. Also, I have an issue with Al because he was supposed to be wimpier. But keeping those aside, I think the casting was really good. Each artist delivered their roles in character with easy charm. This portion is to be discussed on the latter.

If there's one thing that really made this movie outstanding, it is the pacing!! In a span of 2 hours ++ they were able to execute the 300+ pages of the book. And they go straight to what is substantial and what need to be emphasized. Even those people who haven't read the book might even get what it is all about minus the inside jokes of the Divergent fandom.

HOW TRUE IS THE MOVIE TO THE BOOK? About 80-90% should do. I mean it always happen, some changes that has to be done. Some scenes that has to be removed because of the limited air time. Some important jokes and dialogues among the characters were slashed out too. And ofcourse, some scenes that they needed to add so that the flow of the film will be lament. We'll get a clear explanation on: a.) What is this norm the Erudites are imposing. b.) Why are the divergents a threat to the factions. c.) FACTION OVER BLOOD d.) FEARS

Female empowerment has again been an issue that the critiques thoroughly discussed. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS.Divergent has proven that heroines can be as tough and can be as brave as any other hero. So much feminism in this film, but let's not forget how Four helped Tris in every way that he could.

Rating this a perfect 5 because despite the discrepancy from the book, it was still amazing and I really enjoyed every second of the film! How about you guys? Share your opinion and maybe link your onw review post! :D


  • I FREAKING LOVE THEO JAMES - HOLY HOTNESS OF ALL HOT. THEO JAMES TOTALLY NAILED ME WITH HIS MASCULINITY. He is a total sassy character HAHAHA. Confession 101: I actually am amused on how people now accepted him as Four. Those who've been up to date with the Divergent movie knew how much people criticized Theo James when first announced he'll play Four. "he's not even popular!!" or "where did he even come from?" were some of the rude reactions from people. Now... Holy smokes. Everyone is acknowledging his acting and drool inducing face & body. HA. Man! I am a goner.
When he asked what is Tris' name.

When he took off his shirt and showed his tattoo to Tris. I think the people inside the cinema (where I was watching) totally gasped or even squealed a bit.
  • Shailene Woodley is such a great actress. She's really beautiful - not too skinny, but fit to be a dauntless character. Her expressions are infectious and you can really tell by just her face that she is Tris Prior. Such adamant and brave aura coming off Shailene. 
Shailene totally trained to be this kickass.
  • The chemistry between Shai and Theo was totally undeniable. The movie didn't emphasize much on the romance, but the slow burn of chemistry between Tris & Four is what makes it different from other book to movie adaptation.
Eeeeep. I am shipping them so hard!

Ofcourse, the famous knife scene!
  • ZIIIII P LINE OH GOD THIS PART MADE ME TEAR UP A BIT. And I was actually astounded by how it was visualized. It looks so fun HAHA I swear it really looks so fun minus all those electricity tower and holes (scary shits)
  • FEAR LANDSCAPES!!! Fave parts were the fear of landscapes!! It's just so coooool on how they brought this into reality. From the visual effect to the acting by the cast!!! A++++ but one nitty bitty glitch is Tris' fear for intimacy. In the movie, it seems like Four wants to rape him!! That's not it man.
  • VERONICA ROTH'S 3 SECOND APPEARANCE!!!! TOTALLY MADE ME LAUGH HAHAHA. I was so shocked that when that freaking door opened, Veronica Roth appeared...And guys she's an initiate too!!!!!! Badass author, everyone.
  • THE DEATH OF TRIS' MOM TOTALLY TOUCHED ME. I wasn't expecting that kind of emotional transfer bUT SHAILENE JUST DID.
  • THE FERRIS WHEEL SCENE!!!!! One of my fave scene from both the book and movie. There's this closure between Four and Tris. And.......Four's fear of height is just so funny. Especially Theo James facial expression!
  • Ansel was good, but there's still something lacking. Affection? I think so. AND DONT GET ME WRONG HE IS SUCH A HANDSOME ACTOR BUT when it came to the fighting and running scenes he was just funny. Okay I said it, funny.
  • ANTAGONISTS: Eric was purely evil. Not buts and ifs with his character. It just disturbed me how he's full of piercing just to look scary. And I have this feeling that any second he'll start rapping cause he totally looks like a rapper.

Go watch it guys GO GO GO

^ Me the whole movie time

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  1. TOTALLY AGREE THAT THEO JAMES IS SO HOT!! I never read the books but I totally loved this movie. Can't wait for the next movie =D

    1. Me too!! And they hit it box office!! Oh yess!! Hotness of all hotness! <3

  2. Hi Abby, so I didn't read your post...just because I haven't read the book or seen the movie!! I really need to read Divergent soon! I just wanted to say I like your blog and just became a new follower :)
    Check out my blog if you want to :)


    1. I hope you could watch and read Divergent soon! It's amazeballs! Thank you! Just followed you back! :D

  3. I can't believe I haven't seen this movie yet!!! I'm one of those people who don;t watch book to movie adaptions, but this is the one that has been getting great feedback from everyone I know, so naturally I'm going to see it soon. I had my doubts about Theo, but after seeing the knife scene, I was SOLD! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to see him in action! Glad that you loved the movie :)
    PS: Veronica Roth is so cool for doing a cameo!

    1. HAHA I only watch a few book to movie adaptation too! :D Theo is njdngjdnjgnjdfn
      IKR! My eyes went out of my eye socket for 3 second because no one warned that she'll appear there LMAO (and as an initiate!! just so cool!)

  4. Love this post, Abigail! <3
    My friends and I totally SWOONED at Theo the entire time we're inside the studio! *fans self* I don't actually like the casts that much but they play their characters perfectly! Even Jai Courtney, omg, he's so spot on as Eric.
    And the chemistry, awww, love love loveeeee #sheo's chemistry, but I'm glad that the romance isn't too lovey-dovey. Love all the parts where the Dauntless are running too! And jumping-on-or-off-the-train scene. Badass overload! My utmost favorite scene is the knife-throwing scene, omg both of them I just can't X)

    (btw, I totally LOL-ed at that Kai gif!)
    Tirta @ I Prefer Reading

  5. Glad you liked the movie. And I think they did show Uriah once (he was the boy that talked Tris into going onto the skyscraper for that jump thing-a-ma-bob), but they never explained who he was. And I enjoyed the movie. It's probably the only one in this series I'll see since the later books angered me... Happy movie-watching (and seeing more of Theo James).


Thank you for your comment! ♡ Happy reading to everyone!