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Third term is overrrr, like overr. Can I get a hell yes?!?!? You know what? I never thought that my freshman year in college would be this distressing. I mean, duh, first year but it feels like I am a graduating student filing all the requirements and passing my major subjects. Ugh. The main reason I spaced out from blogging & (reading :(() was basically because of school (as usual). The endless demands of the professors + the mind-racking exams = ZOMBIE LIFE + NO SOCIAL LIFE. Yep, that happened.

Update #2: Post-birthday.
Last march 7, I celebrated my 17th birthday! Hoooray! I had the chance to be with my family and bestfriends for the whole day! Isn't that just wonderful? My friends and I had an overnight at my place and we played different kinds of card games 'til 3am. Craaazy!!! On my birthday itself, Hazel of Stay Bookish, featured me on her Story Soundtrack! The timing was pretty surprising since it was a coincidence that she posted my SS on my birthday without her knowing it was my birthday. Omg. Check out my featured SS and also Hazel's blog for all the awesomeness! (Btw it was Champion that I used! What's new with that?) Sad to say, I didn't buy any physical books for my birthday that is why for this one month break, I am planning to buy & read a lot of books! And I am starting it with Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. I miss being immersed in fictional worlds. My life had been revolving around calculus, matrices and chemistry for the past months. I miss the leisure of reading and being able to rave about bookish stuff. :(

Twisted by Emma Chaste- got an ARC, but I can't still quote some scenes or dialogues that is why I am stalling my review for this 'til its release date.
White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout - this is like my 8956565th book from Jennifer Armentrout. 
Addicted to you by Kristina Ritchie - I read this last January, but forgot to publish my drafted review *facepalm*

Update #4: Book to Movie Discussion (+ first post!)
DIVERGENT PREMIERS TOMORROW IN THE PHILIPPINES *shakes all of you* I am now on the train of the "book-to-movie" discussions. This is a simple feature where I share my thoughts and express my feelings over some book adaptations. Bloggers can also take part by linking their movie reviews :) The first one on the grill (yes a grill) is Divergent! So excited to watch it *jump jump jump*!! Next will be Vampire Academy movie for I had watched it but haven't made a post about it :( 

Update #6: New blog layout + header.  

And I can sense it that you have that "AGAIN?" face right now. It's still the same base layout that I have ages ago, but I made some changes like the header, social icons, post dividers, jump posts, background, color scheme etc. YEEEEEY. I am happy with my header right now! What do you guys think? I still have to apply the new color scheme to the other parts of my blog but so far so good. And I wouldn't waste another 4 hours tweaking this current layout. #AchievementUnlcoked

Update #7: Moved account on twitter.
I was using my personal account for my bookish & blog stuff and I am getting tweets from my irl friends about all the book stuff that I am talking about. They aren't used to the book blogger side of me, I guess. I decided to have a separate twitter for my book blogging escapade! From @abbbbbbbbbbbz to @abbbzandbookz. Yay finally having the freedom to rave about books without irl people/friends judging. LOL. And please i need to follow more twitter accounts! Link me your twitter accounts please ♥

Update #8: Post-birthday giveaway.

Just a small book giveaway for PH readers. Sorry int'l friends :( One winner of Legend by Marie Lu (paperback) & one winner of Angelfall by Susan Ee (paperback). And yes, these are two of my favorite books of all time and I hope more people will have the chance to read these gems.

Update #9: I ran out of things to tell you guys HAHA. Can I ask a simple favor? If you could pray for my final grades this term. I am being optimistic about my grade in calculus, but anxiety level reached Saturn alreaaaaady! *bits nails* *imagining myself biting my nails* Eeeep. A small prayer means a lot :) Sigh :D

If you reached this part, then, congratulations!! for keeping up with my blabbering HAHA. Rafflecopter is just below :D Goodluck! ;) Have a nice day everyone!
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  1. Divergent premiers this week in the US too. :)

  2. I'm going to see Divergent tomorrow night. I'm so jealous that your term is over. I'm still knee deep in college stress. I'm looking forward to relaxing this summer although I signed up to take a class this summer.

    1. Awww, I wish you goodlcuk to the remaining days of your term! <3 Woah, I still have a class this April-July and I am crying at my one month term break ughhhhh. I am so excited for Divergent!!! Happy watching to both of us!! <333

  3. Happy belated birthday!! and OMG I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT DIVERGENT. Except it doesn't come out in Australia until the 10th of April... *sobs* I still am going to be in the cinema the first moment it's showing, though. ;)

    1. Thank you, Cait! ♥ YASSS you should be there on the first day HAHA! *le freaking excited*

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! *high five for March birthdays* And congrats on your term being over! YAY! I'm in such awe of bloggers like you who go to school or work full-time and still manage to run a blog. I don't know how you do it:)

    Can't wait to see what you thought of White Hot Kiss!

    1. Thank you, Jenny! ♥ March babies FTW =)) I was in a hiatus because of school and I don't think I could ever bea hands on blogger while there's a term ongoing. I am only here when I am on term vacation HAHA

      EEEEP ROTH! :')

  5. Happy belated birthday! Love the new header and the colors you used =) Congrats that your term is over for college! I hope you get all the grades you wanted.

  6. The semester just ended for me too!!! *parties* But ack, I have summer classes mid-April. Sucks huhu. :( I like your new header! The colours are looove! Hehe, I'm so excited to watch Divergent as well. I hear Theo was great! And yey for the giveawaaay. Super need to read Angelfall! I really hope your birthday was great. Thanks for linking up the Story Soundtrack post!. :)

  7. I'll pray for your grades. You'll pass them! I'm excited to read Angelfall! It sounds so interesting. By the way, hello :)


Thank you for your comment! ♡ Happy reading to everyone!