Book Birthday: The War of Gods by Con Template [WTTU appreciation post (2/3)]

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I am flailing in midair because I am so thrilled, happy and excited right now! EEEEEEEEEEEEEP Here it is! After 4 months of waiting we have now Book 3!!

The War of Gods

Author: Con Tempalate
Release Date: April 28 (todaaaay!)
Page: 406 pages
Genre: YA/NA, romance, action, thriller, war

Synopsis (taken from goodreads and also Con's website):
Before the changing of tides, there is always silence.

A prolonged silence to warn people about what’s coming, an insufferable silence that promises pain, and an epic silence that guarantees an event that will carve itself into history.

For Choi Yoori, the changing of her tides has started. No matter how hard she tries to escape from her crime-ridden past, the shadows of her former self – the notorious Queen of the Underworld – continues to torment her existence.

Earthshattering secrets that An Soo Jin took to the grave has resurfaced, imminent danger from a once distant past has reemerged, and an end that Yoori will never see coming is approaching. As the finalities of her borrowed time approaches, Yoori continues to fight with everything she has to hang onto the one she loves most in this world – the King of Serpents.

It will be a battle of a lifetime that will carve itself into history, for if she loses, it will ignite the greatest war the Underworld has ever seen.
So according to those who are reading it now, there are additional scenes especially on the first chapters of the book! Eeeeep. You know why I am so excited about this book compare to the other 2? This is the change of tide. Like the famous idiom says, "All hell broke loose." I can feel it. I feel the vehemence of the scenes. The ruthlessness of "to the one who just came back" and the FEELS the feels are everywhere *SCREAMS*

I wish more people will read this, not just the old readers but also new readers. So here I am doing my best to promote the book. So if you kinda miss what the book is all about, here are the links of the first two books:

Book 1: Welcome to the Underworld
Book 2: The Fall of Gods

You can read everything there, but if you want some more motivation and a person who's so pushy in recommending this series (story). Here is my first appreciation post for WTTU. Seriously guys, I swear, like really swear that this series is worth reading!!


So that's it! Last appreciation post next week! Aw. 

What are you guys currently reading? :D

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