Top Ten Tuesday (12): Top Ten Bookish things (that aren't books) I'd like to own

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Today's topic: Top Ten Bookish things (that aren't books) I'd like to own.

I missed TTT. Didn't do it for almost 3 months already He-he.

1. New Bookshelf
- I. BADLY. NEED. A. NEW. ONE. My books are literally all over my room, they need a new shelter, but at the same time I love them seeing scattered in my room *conflicted* But a bigger bookshelf will do.

2. Bookmarks (Post-it, Washi tape..)
- So here's the thing I only use one bookmark which I just totally made in like 10 seconds. And I am dreading because sometimes when I read a book and then there's this line I want to mark I don't have a post-it bookmark for it. I know. I suck at that, I really need those fine piece of papers and kawaii washi taped bookmarks:

3. HABI Binder
- If I need to go out the whole day (even just for school) or get stuck on a family get together and it happens I am really bored (most of the time I do) I need a reading kit with me. And this reading kit is not just for books, but also for my other necessities. I saw Sab @ Sab the Book Eater (check her post out so you can see the capacity of the binder WEE) posted this and my interest really piqued. HOLY AMAZING I WANT THAT TOO *grabby hands* Too bad when I checked their site all kinds of binder are sold out!!! WHY? So here I am patiently waiting for it to restock. And this is 100%  Filipino made. OMG *proud* HABI means weave btw. 
4. More book related shirts
- Who doesn't want to wear a shirt that has a bookish related stuff printed on it! Cool dude always. I already had my CAMP HALFBLOOD shirt (here) and I always wear it except that it's really orange-y doesn't match the weather here in the Philippines lmao. I also want a book blogger shirt! Actually, it's really easy for that to happen since I can just create the design and hand it to a shop who print, but meh that never happens. (moneeyyy where are you?)

5. Clockwork Angel Necklace
- For once in my life I want to be Tessa Gray. LOL. I feel like once I have to wear the clockwork angel pendant I might magically turn into Tessa Gray and marry........Ooops. But that silly dream aside, the necklace is really appealing.

6. Ticket to go to Paris 
BOOKISH REASON: I love Welcome to the Underworld. 

I only have 6 on my list. I know that deep inside me there's more, like reaaaally more but now I'll just leave it up to that list. 

It's your turn! What are your bookish things that you want to have? :-D I'm going to check it out!

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  1. I can't think of a lot of bookish stuff I want on the spot, so I didn't make my own TTT list this week, haha! But yay for bigger shelves! I regretted buying my blue one since the second one I bought was brown and they look horrible, haha. I need a ton of bookmarks since I always end up losing them. And I really, really want a CHB t-shirt. :/ And the necklace! I don't really want to be Tessa, but that is a gorgeous little thing.

    1. Oooh there's a shop here in PH that can provide you with CHB shirt and they are legit seller :D Aww that's bad, but I hope you buy a new bookshelf :)

      Being Tessa is scary, but man, she got the guys. *oops* Clockwork Angel necklace *yay*

  2. Have you seen those cute post-it notes on ebay? They're all around 99cents and have such pretty designs.

    I made a new bookshelf with my mom in February and I still have so many books that are on top of the bookshelf. I guess there wasn't enough space on it even though we thought there would be.

    I also want a Clockwork Angel necklace. Damn that Tessa! She gets the necklace and you know who! :P

    1. WOW! That's a nice bonding with your mom. Want to experience that too someday but too bad we're boot noob in building such things lmao.

      She gets blank....but also got. :p haha

  3. Oh, I really like the Habi binders and Washi tape bookmarks! Cute!

  4. Great list, so many amazing bookish things. I have been Paris, but it was with my school when I was younger and we only went to Disneyland. Didn't even get to see the ET, although I did fly over it once and got to see it all lit up, it was very pretty.

    Those Habi binders look amazing, I checked out the post and now I WANT ONE!!! It sucks that they are all sold out :(

    I am hoping to get a TWO new bookshelves this weekend, so excited!

    1. I am jealous!!!! I want to go to Paris too. Maybe someday... somedayyyyy.
      IKR! I want them so badly, they are so practical and very pretty >n< I am getting a new bookshelf soon too! Yay! Let's celebrate for a new bookshelf *cheers*

  5. Yes to new bookshelf, bookmarks, book-related t-shirts (I only have one and it's XXL. I'm S. :c ) and HABI! This is the first time I saw it and I want one pronto!

  6. The HABI binders are so cool! I probably wouldn't be very good with them, since I prefer smaller binders for organizational things, but I definitely think it's awesome and very resourceful. :P

    I want another bookshelf (even though I have 2 already *cringe*) and more book-related or geeky t-shirts! I really want shirts for the fandoms I'm in - lately I've loved the fandom t-shirts and have been wearing them more. I think they're a way for me to express what I love without anyone ever having to ask, and it's always fun wearing them and having people go "I love your shirt!" ;P

  7. One that I didn't put on my list, but that I really need too, is a new bookcase. I have no room left on any of my bookcases! But there is literally no room whatsoever in my bedroom to fit another bookcase, all the wall space is already covered with bookcases! Great list, and yeah I think everyone wants to go to Paris, but for me it's because of Anna and the French Kiss and Just One Day!

    Really gorgeous blog!

  8. Haha i could totally go for that ticket to Paris as well!

  9. Ohh a Camp Half Blood shirt would be AWESOME. But I really really want a mockingjay shirt (especially when Mockingjay part 1 comes out!!). That would rock. x)


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