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Hi *waves* I am getting fond of that *waves* So I figured to share one terrible reading habit of mine. It is called putting-a-book-on-hold-cause-I-don't-want-to-label-it-DNF-but-still-I-casually-forget-to-pick-it-up-again habit. Yup, there's a syndrome like that so BEWARE. 

I checked my goodreads this morning and I am well aware of the "update books/status" area on the right side of the home page bugging me to be recognized. I love goodreads and its convenience to bits, but sometimes I totally forgot to clear out the books on that feature of the site. Obviously, I am not currently reading these books, but at the same time I want to continue them since I've been atleast half done. The thing is it never happens. Yes, it only occurs in my dreams and goals. I am such a poopoo. 

Let's take a look at my on-hold books for ages.

Gravity by Melissa West: Oh look at the date. Nov 1, 2013. I've been putting it off for 3 months and I am actually wondering if I would ever pick it up anytime soon. The thing is, this story was too slow. And according to my last update: "information. overload. bye. brain cells." I took the precautionary not to hurt more my brain cells and leave this for while. I remember continuing it again, but eventually put it off again. I am so sorry, I barely remember even the name of the characters.

Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock: I am so cloooose! So close to finishing this book. Just another half and I am done, but I don't want to pressure my self just for the sake of putting it as read and rating it as 2-3 stars. The story was eccentric for it tackles about the mainstream wolves, but it took the concept on a different level. What really ticked me off was the three main characters and the love triangle. They were really eye roll inducing. Pfft. Been putting this off for a month now, and just like Gravity, I don't know if I should continue or put this on hold for a lifetime.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes: This was an abrupt and stupid move. I didn't even plan on reading it, I just dl-ed it as e-book and read the first 5 pages. I don't want to DNF it since I haven't even meet half of the main characters and with the premise of the book, I just can't put this DNF. Out of all the three on-hold, I think this one has the greatest chance of being touched again. TAT

Actually I still have more books on-hold but didn't update it in my goodreads. I still remember that I started reading The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa until page 50 something, but the continuous torture of the love triangle made my heart ached I haughtily closed the book and threw it across the room (nah kidding I just closed it.) I like the story damn much, but when the romance that was supposed to be on the sideline of the events took too much of the pages, I easily get irritated. (Ugh, I am such a moody reader - need to discuss this soon) But hey, I am going to continue this soon! You betcha!

And another is Unchained by Jennifer Armentrout. Okay, this one, I was so close like 30 + pages left, but it's not making sense anymore so I thought I leave it for a day then continue it the other day, but what happened? You got it, I totally put it on-hold. There's just something about the story that was so shallow and predictable yet in a minimal pages I thought I could just finish it and get over with it.


Just look at all the pretties I put on-hold! Ugh, I am such a horrible reader sometimes. I am sorry books!
For me I think this is better than labeling these as DNF, or maybe it's just the same, but atleast when I put a book on-hold it has a potential to be continued again. I don't want to recklessly rate it, I still want to do it like the way I do it with the books I finish.
And they lived happily ever after........................Wew, I think I talked too much. 

So how about you guys? Do you often put books on hold? Are you the type that comes back eventually to what they put on-hold? Share your stories and thoughts! :'D

Happy reading! xo

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  1. I'm actually do this right now. I put An Abundance of Katherine's on hold to read Cress.

    1. I hope you made the good choice (which probably is). Happy reading! :'D

  2. Replies
    1. Gooosh, glad to know I am not the only one! :')

  3. I dread DNF'ing too. I put My Ex From Hell on hold for aaaages and finally I took it off my currently-reading shelf, but I'm still 50% through. I really need to DNF it because I get a headache every time I think about finishing. And I confess I have Throne of Glass on hold's been on my currently-reading shelf for 3 WEEKS! And I've only read the first page...and then picked up other things. Bad me. I've heard that one is really good, so I should probably persist.

    And I feel like I haven't been on your blog forever! Bad me! But I love the header. :)

    1. I ACTUALLY DO THAT HAHA Read like the first page or even up to the fifth page then get distracted by other things leaving it on-hold! Throne of Glass was an awesome read for me so I hope you get to pick it up again soon! <3

      Thank you, Cait! I've been MIA on the blogging-sphere for a while now, but I hope I can check out your blog from time to time :D

  4. I can relate to this :) Actually, "currently reading" is like a curse for me. Every time I put a book under that label, I end up putting it down.

  5. I don't put books on hold, and I don't DNF them, either.
    The most recent example of me FORCING myself to finish a book was a review book, so technically I had to finish it. If I hadn't had to review for the publisher, I don't think I would have put it on hold, or DNFd. Simply because I think it would constantly be nagging me in the back of my mind.
    But there is one book that I DNFd because I KNEW that I couldn't keep reading it by the first 30 pages. I think if you know you're not going to like it that early on, DNFing is okay. :D
    By the way, I am IN LOVE with your header. It's so gorgeous!


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