01 | Abby's Happy List

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1. My dad's health is finally okay. He had kidney issues and was in fact operated last November due to a large stone in his kidney. Just this afternoon he had his check-up and the result said his medical is clear. Thank you, Papa Jesus ♥♥

2. Ramen Kuroda Unli Noodles with bestfriends and boyfriend. We finally decided to meet and try the unli noodles in Ramen Kuroda. It was a memorable lunch date because my bestfriends finally met Ivan ♥ The laughs and stories were priceless ♥

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Goblin. I know it's not totally a happy feeling to see these dramas ending because DUHH these are liiiiiiiiiife. But watching those characters get what they deserve makes me so happy. They are off to their rightful journeys. I love these dramas and cast so much. Currently watching: Hwarang

4. First anticipated mass with Ivan. Since we couldn't attend a Sunday masss due to an org event, we decided to attend the anticipated mass in UST. 

5. Starting my part-time job. It's not that grand, but I am a student assistant in cisco and ccesc office in our school. I have 6 hours duty every week and so far I'm really getting the hang of it. It was fun even a little tiring. It helps me to develop leadership, communication, initiative and also improve my technical skills. Plus, I badly need money, tbh.

6. MILKTEA!! After being deprived of my favorite milktea in Intramuros for almost two months, I finally had one yesterday! I♥MILKTEA's cookies and cream, nata de coco, 50% sugar = HEAVENNNNNN.

7. Kids Try videos. If you haven't watch any kids try video of Watch Cut, then go ahead and leave this blog. Go watchhhhh it now! HUHU the kids are so adorable especially Desmond and Ernie ♥_♥

8. Less than 50 units left. I only have one more year in college for my ECE degree. #RoadtoZeroUnits this December.

9. ETAN Dash 2k17. Honor Society of Mapua had its amazing race last Sunday, and our group won!! *cheers* It was worth the energy and effort. It was tiring, but it was worth it ♥

There are lot of things to be thankful for for the past three weeks of January. I am so glad that this year's starting good for me. A new term just began in Mapua and I can feel the deadlines already haha. I guess when the 5th week comes, I'll be getting busier :( 

How about you? What are the recent things that made you happy? Do you love milktea too? Go watch those dramas up there ♥♥

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