Budgetarian Chronicles: Unli Noodles for 180 pesos? Ramen Kuroda, SM Manila

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Ramen Kuroda's SM Manila branch is having their unli noodles promo from Jan 16-22, 2017. Ever since I read their facebook post, I got enticed. UNLI NOODLES? Heck, yes! I wouldn't let this pass even if I am on a diet (weh haha). My bestfriend and I planned to eat there last Wednesday during our breaks. SM Manila, being so near to Mapua was a very convenient place cause I didn't need to commute.

When we got there, some tables were already occupied even an hour after the mall opening. This just shows how many people are also hooked on this promo. The place didn't give off a Japanese vibes, but it sure was cozy. The manager and staff greeted us with a loud welcome in Japanese (or atleast that's what I thought). They were very accommodating, leading us to the table, getting the menu and orders and most of all, serve the food and response to our requests.

The unli noodles is applicable for their regular Ramen, Chashumen and Set Meals. Since my friends and I wanted to try their ramen, we only ordered the ramen without other viands like curry, katsudon, gyoza and etc. Me and Klaire ordered Shiro Ramen (180 pesos) while Jael ordered Kuro Ramen  (180 pesos). None of us wanted to order the spicy one 😁 We got one slice of pork and half boiled egg (you guuuys, I loved their boiled egg so much!) If you want more pork on your ramen, you can upgrade. There are ramen bowls of the same flavor for 230 pesos

Shiro Ramen 

Bestseller: Kuro Ramen

PS: Sorry the photos are bad huhu. We were in a hurry plus I was shy to do a flat lay haha so excuse my photos. I'll take better next time ♥

We were in quite a hurry since Klaire had to attend a meeting We only had almost an hour and half to eat and catch-up (which sucked cause I wanted more kwentos! haha). 

The food were great. For a price of 180, these ramen surpass the expectation for that kind price. I really enjoyed the taste of the rich flavors. Suffice to say these were worth the money and visit. The Kuro Ramen has a richer flavor compared to the Shiro one because of the garlic favor. I kinda regret choosing basic Shiro. 

Now for the unli noodles part....... When you want to order a bowl of extra noodles, you just have to ask the crew. They brought black bowls with plain noodles, and boy was it heaaaaavy. The noodles itself can make you super full. The noodles leave a heavy feeling to the stomach. Just one set can make you already full, but since we were marveling at the 'unli noodles' we decided to get one extra each. Klaire didn't finish her 2nd noodles haha. But I know a friend of mine who had 4 extra noodles!! I'm in awe to be honest. Two servings of noodles were already too much for my stomach, but 4? That is something! I think my only complain was that the extra noodles were kind of hard as if it's not yet fully cooked compared to the ones originally served with the soup. I don't know if that's just for that day or what. 

The fun part was the latter where my bestfriends met my boyfriend, Ivan, for the first time in person ♥♥. He came in a tad late because he had another class 😁 The joy of being with the people you love in one table -- eating and having fun while chatting made that lunch date extra special ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (yep. that many hearts haha). I really had a great time albeit the short amount of time spent.

 The boyfie and me

My loves ♥

Look at these goofballs huhu ♥_♥

Since they wanted to "tanggal ng umay" they bought mcdo sundae and mcflurry inside the restaurant haha

IF YOU WANT TO CHECK OUT RAMEN KURODA, HERE IS THEIR WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGEAs of now only the SM Manila branch has the unli noodles promo but I hope they could extend this to their other branches.

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