02 | Abby's Happy List

I planned to do this on a weekly basis, but ooops, I missed last week! It's starting to get sooo busy in school so I'm really missing-in-action in the blogoshpere :(

1. Cold cold cold overnight swimming! My friend, James, celebrated his birthday with a swimming getaway. We went overnight swimming (7pm-4am) in a resort. It was already cold around 11 pm and we stayed on the pool for one hour haha! (weaklings!) The rest of the time we ate A LOT, played UNO cards where our friendships were tested, pusoy dos (I only won twice!), 1-2-3 pass and lots of storytime plus *wink wink* revelations 🙊🙈🙉

2. White House Burger with Ivan. Oh gaaah, the burgers there are yuuuuuuum and the price ranges from 20 pesos to 50 pesos ONLY! I introduced it to Ivan this week and he keeps asking if we could buy there for merienda ♥

3. Truffles Attack! One of my friend introduced me to this girl who's selling chocolate truffles and cheessecake all around the campus. She's selling so she can support her expense in Mapua. The first time I ate one M&M truffle, I was floored! And now I keep coming back for more. Her truffles are haven for people with sweet tooth like me. (IVAN IS SUCH A SLY FLUFFBALL huhu he keeps surprising me ♥)

4. After three weeks of being stucked in a dorm-school setup, I finally had the chance to go home in Antipolo. I missed my mom's cooking and we also celebrated dad's 52nd birthday YAY!

5. PS: I Like You by Kasie West. My first book of the year turned out very swoony! This is my 6th novel from Kasie. SHE'S THAT AWESOME, I SWEAR. Her books are my feel-good and to-go-to books ♥ Check it out here.

6. I finally finished Plate 1 of our Microwave Design class. I've been doing this for a week now. It's so complicated but I think the design went well.

7. Two overnights in one week. Blame our plate 1! It's so fun to procrastinate and do school works with college friends. What actually happened: 50% eating time, 25% actual school work and 25% talking, story time and shenanigans 😏


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