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In a scale of 0 to Abby, how likely are you to be a sporadic blogger? Yes, I'm back (kind of!) haha. I've been doing a lot of things lately hence the hiatus. being on your last term in 4th year college is stressful as heck. Deadlines are everywhere even if we're just starting the term, yikes! Anyho, I'm back with a photo diary post. I went to Singapore to attend and present our thesis paper in IWPR conference. I'll be writing a separate post for my whole SG experience in some other time, but for now, let's marvel at the beauty that is Universal Studios Singapore ♥. 

Being in Universal is like entering another dimension. I couldn't comprehend the beauty the surrounded me that day, but I was completely mesmerized by every street, every corner and every building I saw. The rides inside USSG were no joke especially the Sci-Fi coasters. Looking at the people riding it already made my stomach roll haha. You have to bring power bank (it's going to be a long day of photo taking here and there) and water supply because the food inside are expensive as heck! We had our lunch at 7-11 inside Sentosa so we can save money (that's how thrifty we were lol). 

Transformers: The Ride was the best ride for us. It was aaamzeballs to the max. We rode it two times just because it was that awesome. We watched all the 4D shows in every category except for The Mummy! WE REGRET IT :(. The New York themed street has the most "pang-blogger" backgrounds hahaha.

If you're planning for a Singapore trip, make sure to include this in to your itinerary. You will absolutely enjoy the buildings and the thrilling rides.

My favorite theme was Shrek. It just brings a lot of memories from my childhood especially I am very fond of the Shrek installment.

Tip: If you want to save $4 SGD in buying tix, you should purchase your tix inside the Sentosa mall (shoutout to the Filipino kuya for being kind to us!).

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