Budgetarian Chronicles: Unli Arrows for 200 Pesos @ DMZ Archery

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Me and my friends are always on the look for affordable getaways and foodtrips. We are often on a budget, hence the self-proclaimed title budgetarian. So when we spot a fun yet affordable activity for us during our short break, we grabbed the opportunity. I saw a post in Facebook about this unli arrow promo DMZ Archers is promoting. For one hour, you have unli-arrows for archery. It is inclusive of bow and straps. The Arrow/Oliver Queen fangirl side of me squealed in delight.

The location is kinda tricky for it's inside a village. You can use waze or ride a Tandang Sora jeepney and drop off at a gas station. There's a tricycle waiting area beside it and you have to tell the driver its at Mystic Road or you can say DMZ Archery (some drivers know, some don't). The driver will drop you off outside a red(?) building. At first, it'll be confusing since the building is clearly a salon 😅. Little did we know, the archery place is inside a salon - like there's a room inside where the DMZ is located :o. Mind-blown!

When we got there by 3pm, there were only a few people waiting. There was an ongoing session of archery so we had to wait for 20 minutes. The system inside is very strict. Before we could start shooting arrows, they showed us tutorials and laid the rules. The arrows are sharp and dangerous if not handled with caution. We have to wait for the others to finish shooting before we could retrieve our arrows and start shooting again.

Since it was my first time, my arms were shaking so bad. I missed the bullseye and keep hitting the outside circles. There was even an incident where my arrow literally flew pass the shooting board hahahahaha. But once I got the hang of it, the archery became semi-seamless (my arms were still shaking though haha). I became more relaxed and comfortable with the equipment.

This lasted for one hour and boooooyyy did my arm hurt. The bow was heavy plus my nervousness was in the way. Rougly 70+ arrows were used for one hour (that's so maaaaany!). It was a noteworthy first. I totally will come back someday with my friends. I love how the activity released my mind from my academic responsibilities. I felt both challenged and thrilled.

What can you say, Oliver Queen? ;)

Location: #18 Mystic Rose Drive Sanville Subdivision Project 6 Quezon City
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dmzarchery/ 

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