Happy One Year To You, ER!

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Sept 27, 2013 - With an itty-bitty book blogging idea and just my love for books and expressing my feelings as my armor, I clicked blogger.com and created a book blog. I felt like I entered a different world and totally felt out of place during my first months. But, hey, it got better eventually and now I am here typing my 1st anniversary post! ♥ Sadly, this post is not only for my blogversary but also my bid of mini-goodbye (let's save that later.)

Who would've thought that this blog would last for a year? I am a blogger since 15 but book blogging was something very different and scary for me at first. So when people started commenting on my blog - I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. Questions like: IS THERE A BOOK BLOGGER HANDBOOK? WHAT ARE THE GOLDEN RULES IN BOOK BLOGGING? WHAT DO I DO NOW?? surfaced inside my head for the first 6 months! But as I told a while ago, it got better and so much fun!!

Thank you Stacie, Aimee, Val, Chiara, Mitchii, Becky, Emily, Cait, Lola, Rachel, Dre, Missie, Laura, Zoe, Naban, Olgia, Hazel aaaand to everyone (AS IN TO EVERYONE!!!) who've been on my blog reading or commenting! I am still in awe of this accomplishment of mine. I won't show stats, but I just want to tell everyone that THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You guys are all awesome and wonderful. To those bloggers who nominated me for blog awards - THANK YOU!!! I haven't done anything about those, but I am truly grateful! ♥ 

The sad part is, I am typing this with a heavy heart. Unfortunately, I failed an exit exam in math and it is currently breaking my heart into pieces. It's depressing....so so so freaking heartbreaking for me. It sucks though, when my relatives start questioning my failure, "You're an engineering student but you failed a math exit exam?" I seriously don't know what will I say. I am a human, you know, it's not all the time that I'll succeed over everything, but I am going to be okay. I am going to be better; I am going to change for the better. I cried and cried already and that's enough tears, it's time to stand up and improve. I might not be all right entirely at the moment, but I know I'll feel better eventually. I am going to take another exit exam this coming term and I am going to be sure I am 101% prepared. I will do my very best and I won't disappoint my family and myself this time :D Excuse the dramatic part :'D I am not going to blog for the mean time until I feel like I can handle things in college + my other hobbies together. I won't be giving this up entirely because it became part of my soul already that is why I'll take a hiatus for the mean time (although I am already on a hiatus haha).

 Let's all be happy & positive!

I can not hold a book giveaway right now, but I will be giving away Marie Lu books on November because.........I'll be attending Marie Lu's book signing here in the Philippines this NOVEMBER! *squeeee* *squeee some more!* *squeeeeeeeeeee* favorite author, hello!!!!!!

Again, everyone:

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  1. Happy happy blogoversary, Abby! Your book blog is lovely and you should be proud of it! I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling with school right now and you'll be bidding goodbye for awhile but I can totally understand where you're coming from- trust me when I say I've been in the exact same position before. Just believe that you're okay and you will be eventually! Don't ever lose hope. :)

    Congrats again for one year of book blogging! I hope we get to meet each other during the Marie Lu event!

  2. Oh my gosh. *hugs* Firstly HAPPY BLOGVERSARY. And secondly I'm so sorry you're struggling right now. *stuffs cake at you* I HOPE YOUR SECOND EXAM GOES BETTER. To be honest, I always failed at math in highschool (lol, aren't I encouraging?) and my dad is an engineer and completely could not understand why I sucked so bad at it. Numbers are not for me. But I really hope things work out AND I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT! Go you, intelligent bean. Go conquer the mathematical world! And eat cake, 'cause you're still celebrating and awesome milestone of blogversary.

    I'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU TO GET BACK. *showers you with confetti*

  3. Aw! Happy anniversary, Abby! <3 I'm sending you warm wishes and wishing you luck on that exam! You can do it :D

    Jess @ My Reading Dress

  4. The next time you take the exam you will KICK BUTT!!! I know this cause I know you are fabulous.
    Also Congrats on the one year :) we love you.
    And come back soon, we shall all be waiting (but not holding breaths because term's are long and we'll all be dead when you get back and you don't want that cause you'll have to replace us all!).

  5. OMG YOU ARE SO CUTE. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY ABBY! I wish you tons of luck on your exam, because I know this time you will DESTROY IT! And after you destroy it, you come right back here and start blogging woooo!!!

    <3 <3

  6. OH MY. You're so sweet! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! I really love your blog, and it's so pretty and oh my gosh. Secondly, I wish you looooads of luck for your exam. I hope it goes MUCH better, and your determination is so so amazing it's like wow, keep on going like that and YOU CAN DO IT. Go kick some butt! Take all the time you like, and we'll be right here till you return, waiting and loving your blog. *HUGS* <3 <3

  7. Happy, happy blogoversary, Abby! <3 *confetti explosion* You and your blog are both absolutely awesome, so I'm glad that you made it this far. <3 Here's to more years of blogging to you! And thanks so much for remembering me. I'm sorry if I haven't been here to comment a lot--I haven't been very active in the blogosphere lately. :(

    So sorry to hear about your exam! I know how it feels. Last quarter, I received my first failing mark on an exam ever. Well, in my entire high school life, I mean. It cost me my honor card. Anyway, I'm sure you'll do your best and you'll pass with flying colors the next time around. We all believe in you, girl! *takes out pom poms*--gooooo, Abby!

    Have an awesome October! And we'll definitely meet up during the Marie Lu event and flail endlessly together, okay? ;)

  8. HAPPY BELATED BLOGOVERSERY ABBY! I am so glad we found each other's blogs because you are such a kind and supportive blogger, and your reviews are absolutely fantastic! <3 I hope you continue blogging for years to come!

    And good luck on your exams as well - you'll do fantastic! :D

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  9. Happy belated blogoversary. I've been so busy, but better late than never :D We all fail at test sometimes. It's hard, it sucks, but you will be fine! :) Good luck!

  10. Happy, happy belated blogoversary! I wish you all the best with your exam - I'm sure you'll smash it out this time! <3

  11. Happy belated blogoversary girl!!!!!!!!!!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS! :D It's the best feeling, making it a whole year.

    I'm so sorry about your math exit exam. :( Math is one of my worst subjects so I'm terrified of failing it in college. It's not that I can't buuuuut I'm not good at it, either. Don't worry about making your family happy! They're your grades, and you know how to take care of them and do better the next time. So long as they see you trying, they should be happy. <3

    Have fun at Marie Lu's signing! That's so cool that she's finally coming to the Philippines! And don't worry about blogging all of the time. We'll still visit. <3

  13. Happy blog anniversary to you, Abby! So sad to hear that but it's okay. You'll get over it all. I can feel you're strong. :)


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