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It's no secret to anyone that I am pertaining to Marie Lu. You already see that coming right? And the pun up there. Anyway, I may be typing this coherently but inside I'm still shaking with a lot of IS THIS REAL LIFE questions swirling. I mean, come on, your favorite in front of you signing your book, listening to your blabber, saying thank yous and smiling so sweetly IT IS TOO UNREAL, but it is real and I am feeling the hangover.

I've been in love with her debut series ever since I finished Legend. Then Prodigy (which is my absolute favorite of the 3). And then  down to the SOUL-SEARING last book which is Champion. I love all of these. But wait, there's more! We have The Young Elites which racked my brain and stomped over my heart (IT IS JUST THE FIRST BOOK! What more to happen on the next 2!!! I'm scared and ecstatic!) So you see, there are so many greatness of Marie Lu that makes her my ultimate favorite author (but Riordan, Ee, Clare, West, Wolf coming real close). And above everything, she created Daniel AltanWing (ULTIMATEST-NO-SUCH-WORD FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER!!!!!!!!!) I may have a lot like Percy, Penryn, Jem, June, Enzo, Nico, Caymen, Isis and a lot more but he really stand out.

So enough about my unwavering love for Lu ans her books, let's go to the actual book signing. It happened last Nov 23, 2014, Sunday. I didn't get to take a lot of decent pics since the venue was packed as in 700+ readers attending? Yeah, not getting any clear pic. I went to the event late about 12 nn and my number was 696! Damn. I don't know why I was laughing when I received my number, but yeah.. :D So around 2:30 pm Marie Lu arrived and almost everyone rushed in front to get a good look. There was no stopping everyone. The energy was so palpable and it really energized me. Let's get a good run down about the interview aka here are some facts. Note: some are non-verbatim. I recorded the whole interview (just sounds since I couldn't a good angle without an ipad/tablet blocking my view haha).

  • It was easier to write Day's POV than June. Marie Lu said she is the exact opposite of June who's a left-brainy. 
  • She had a hard time writing the love scenes than the fight scenes. She isn't romantic, she said. It took her a month to write a particular scene in Champion (wink wink wink wink).
  • She intended to make Day a real criminal, like very notorious and a murderer. But Day's character evolved and then we have the new-born (walker in the light) Day.
  • Day has been on Marie Lu's mind since highschool that's why she felt so natural writing him. 
  • Legend was supposed to have 2 boys as main characters. June being also a boy since Legend was based from Les Misérables. Her husband told her that making the other character a girl will make it more interesting.
  • Kaede is a very memorable character for Marie Lu because she wrote Kaede's character with the image of herself. Kaede is a pilot which Marie dreamed of becoming when she was young, but her mother told her that she won't be good at it. "That's great, achieve your dream, but not that" (we all laughed)
  • Marie Lu is not closing her doors for a Legend spin-off. It might be about Anden or Tess.
  • The Legend movie is in the process already. Screenplay is done (Marie didn't participate much since she has little idea of it), now they're finding a director and the casts (OMG!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Marie Lu is a very visual person. She worked in Disney as an visual artist. She can't write a story without drawing her characters first (which btw is super duper cool!)
  • Marie Lu's husband is a Filipino that's why she has a soft spot for the Philippines. (She absolutely love mangoes!)
  • Three of her novels got rejected (unpublished) before Legend. 
  • She writes on and off. There were months that she would write everyday, and there were months that she won't at all.

Picture with Marie Lu!!!! (smiling from ear to ear). 
Also posted on my instagram.

The signed books. See that 'To Abby!' *insert wheezingnoise.mp3*
Also posted on my instagram.

They only allowed one book to be personalized with a written name. I chose Prodigy since it is my fave book from the series. Champion is missing since I bought it from a different bookstore, so NBS didn't consider it (kinda bummer but. . ) I seriously stared at my books for minutes. It's just overwhelming. Favorite. Author. Signed. My. Books. In front of me!!!!

My only qualm on this event is that we were rushed. There was no time to even talked to Marie Lu for a minute. It was just seconds. *cries* In that short moment I told her that I always talk about her books on my accounts. She just kept smiling then said, 'Oh, thank you!' 

The 8 hour wait plus the numbed butt from sitting too long on the floor was worth it! And oh, while I was waiting I get to buy Proxy by Alex London so I could read while waiting. It was totally spur of the moment kind of impulse buying haha, I also saw Aimee over Deadly Darlings TWICE! But I wan't able to greet her because the first time I was shy. When I saw her on the queue for the actual signing, I was upstairs and was talking to someone. Then when I tried to look for her on the line I kind of lost her already. I think she was done. See how fast the signing for each person????? It was jarring but again, there were a lot of people so no time to chitty-chat blah blah. I wish they just adjusted the time since they know how popular Marie Lu is. 

I broke my hiatus with this recap post. I just couldn't wait to share you guys this amazing experience. 

Thank you National Book Store for bringing Marie Lu here! I hope this wouldn't be the last time you'll have her in the Philippines.

So. Freaking. Happy.

How are you guys? I hope you're all having a good day! >u<

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  1. Yay, glad you had an awesome time, Abby! :) Though I was pretty mad about only having one book personalized, and that it was really rushed. :( Hahaha, I also had a copy of Champion from Fully Booked that they didn't allow. xD Anyway, we really have to meet up next time! x_x When's the next signing? :)

  2. Woah, sounds like you had an amazing time! I'm glad you did. :) It's really rare for an international YA author to come to Australia...I don't understand why though, we're only like 8ish hours away from you guys...haha :)

  3. I’m glad that you enjoyed your time! I know how much you love Marie Lu & her books so, really, I’m happy for you. This post is full of excitement. Yay!

  4. So happy for you that you finally met Marie Lu! I know how much you love her. ;) She's really such a lovely wonderful person! I'm more excited to read her books. :)

  5. Oh, do you have to purchase books from that store on the day or can you bring them from home? Just wondering how they know where they were purchased. That sucks though, but at least you were able to get a few of your book babies signed. I love her Legend series, and can't wait to read The Young Elites as well. She sounds so incredibly lovely and that photo is beautiful Abby <3 Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Ahhh this sounds like an awesome experience!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and had fun :)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  7. Oh my goodness! Meeting a favorite author!??? SO AWESOME!!! And getting a book personalized? Holy cow. I need dis in my life!
    Also, YOU'RE BACK! Ahhhh!!!
    Also, you're so cute! Love the glasses :)

  8. That's so awesome! Congrats on meeting one of your faves!

  9. What a great experience, that's amazing! Looks like you had an absolutely amazing time :)
    Looks like I better pick up a Marie Lu book sometime soon ;)


    And I love that Day has been on her mind since high school, that makes him even more special <3

    He better be perfect in he movie OMG. Because if he's not, I don't think I could ever recover. OUR BABY, ABBY. HE NEEDS TO BE PERFECT.

    I would 100% read a Legend spin off, oh my goodness.

    I've seen her art and it is so fabulous, so it comes as no surprise to me that she worked with Disney!

    It's a shame it was rushed and busy, but all worth it, I'm sure :D

  11. That's so cute! I met her too at a book festival last November, and she is so smart and hilarious and PRETTY. I loveeee Legend as well so I was super pumped to meet her too! Followed, btw :)

  12. OMG THAT'S SO AWESOME!!! and also, a spinoff with (maybe) Tess? I'm going to cry.

  13. Congrats that's awesome! meeting your favorite author is always such a fun experience. i feel like reading a book is really personal, and when you do get to meet the person whose ideas made that story, it's such a great memory! great post!


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