Random: no more book ban, less e-book, more physical books.

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The title basically summarized what this post is all about. It's just mind-boggling how I missed physical books. I've been reading through e-book (for Sept-Oct) lately and it is really frustrating how I am itching to buy physical ones. I only read one physical copy for October and that was Origin by JLA. And that's it. Only one physical book. ONE.!!!!

The reason why I can't buy books right now is because of my kpop merchandise liabilities. yes, liabilities. I have an ongoing debt LMAO for a photobook of my deerest Luhan (which you probably dont know who he is). Also, a kpop concert wiped out the money on my wallet, literally wiped out. BROKE. BROKE. BROKE. BROKE. November 15, 2013 is the day I'll finally pay my remaining balance for the photobook and album I ordered months ago. I am not really rich and my parents don't fully support me financially in my fangirl /wants/ (both kpop and book wants) LOL. They support me emotionally, mentally, spiritually (they might be praying every night for me to stop buying stuff HAHAHA). What can I do? I can't really help it! And for the record I am not the kind of fangirl that buys every merch out there, i only choose what I really WANT (NEED). But ofcourse, we're just middle class and I am just a student. I only depend on my dad's income, that's why I don't push them too much. I save and save and save even sacrifice eating lunch for the sake of buying books and merchandise.

Woah. *laughs* I only intend to post a simple explanation and look what happened. The point is, CONTROL. I really need to ocntrol my buying galore and prioritize substantial WANTS. Always wants HAHAHA. Please tell me you understand me with these stuff cause I think I'm going mental. JK. Now, I officially announce that my kpop merch buying galore WILL stop. By Nov 15, 2013, my savings will be provided to my book //needs// wants. I will only buy 2 physical books for November and 3-5 for December. Of course my precious e-book won't be neglected, I will still read through it, besides I owe e-books A LOT LOT LOT LOT. Can we have a moment to pray for this agenda to be successful. Join me my brothers and sisters. CRIES HAHAHAHAHA.

I already listed the books I'm buying this November-December (I am really not ready for this. Ain't I? HAHAHA) Let's do some Maths. This might be embarrassing, but who cares. I am trying to be transparent to my blog since I love sharing stuff like this. Php means peso (I am from the Philippines, yo!)


1. Crown of Midnight (Php 447.00): I promised myself that this will be the first book I'll buy once I lift my book ban. I've waited for this soooooooo long. Chaol baby I'm going to meet you again!!!

2. Legend by Marie Lu (Php 399.00): So I checked National Bookstore and this book is under special order which I don't know how it works. I asked them a gazillion (maybe million only) times about the special order, but they won't answer my inquiry. I am dying to read this!!!

3. Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi (Php 349.00): Intriguing book with pretty pretty cover, CHECK! Though I am not much on the dystopia genre, I am absolutely going to read this since a lot of my friends are talking about this.

4. Shatter Me and Unravel Me by Tahereh Maffe (Php 329.00 x 2): I know guys. I know. I am on the minority of YA junkies that hasn't read this books yet. So, I am really excited for these books! The covers are so gorgeous I am actually drooling.

5. Partials by Dan Wells (Php 349.00): This book looks good. The premise is dystopia-ish but like I said I am trying every book that might suit my taste.

5 books! Yes, pls! Please :D
PS: Please Push me off a cliff if I won't be able to buy these at the end of 2013 ;)

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  1. At only 16, it's gotta be difficult to find the funds to purchase the latest release or something you've been waiting on. Students never have enough money sadly.

    Do you know of any friends that would participate in a book exchange?

    1. True that! It's really difficult to save :((
      Sadly, I don't know any :( Thank you for dropping by! :D

  2. I don't spend too much money on books either and I think a great way to save is looking for bargains and Amazon also have great bargains, so it's just a matter of finding the book at the right time. Also, embarrassing to admit but I do buy some of the books from an online thriftstore website that ships free all around the US. I'm not sure about the Philippines. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money, enter tons of giveaways and monthly blog hops. That has actually brought in a lot of great books for me.

    As much I love my ebooks, I do crave for a physical one here and there, a good balance between them always keeps me happy.

    1. But it's not embarrassing, it is being practical! :) Lol yes, I do join a lot of book giveaways and won already (a blissful feeling tbh). E-books became very beneficial to me especially when I am too iffy about a book :--D

      Thank you for dropping by, Aman! :D

  3. Love your to-buy list! <3 Especially Crown of Midnight. Agghhhhhhh. It was soooo good! :D AND LEGEND WAS LEGEN .,.wait for it... DARY, LEGENDARY! Hope you find strength to save up money to buy those books. Happy reading! :)

    1. I already bought legend and currently reading it!! So excited for this one <3333
      Thank you, Elyssa! :'D


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