What's up for November?

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Hey there! As October says goodbye, November enters with hello plus a sassy wave (ofcourse fab Nov is fab). 51 days from now we'll greet one another with "Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!!" and I am totally rooting for that day. First Christmas in the book blog community! (although it'll be my 3rd Christmas as a blogger since I have a personal one) As usual I am planning to read a couple of books for this month. Most of those are November releases AND HELL YES I am freaking excited for them! Also, I would read two books that aren't Nov release! I would lie-low first in the reading part since college is you know.... exhausting. 

Add these books in Goodreads!
Sentinel (Covenant#5) by Jennifer Armentrout
World After by Susan Ee
Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter
Gravity by Melissa West

So I decided to have my own blog meme called Music Monday (MM). Generally, the concept is just to post the link/vid/audio of a song that's been on the repeat of your ipod/mp3 for the week. OR. A song that I listened to while reading. ANOTHER OR. A song that I just discovered and instantly fell in love with. OR. Whatever song I feel like posting (democratic isn't it? LOL).

When oblivion, is calling out your name
You always take it further than I ever can...

This song is bloody good. I discovered it from a friend and instantly fell in love with it. So many books remind me of this book like Clockwork Princess and The Darkest Minds. 

So that's it! I need to end this now or I won't be able to stop!! I owe this blog 2 reviews and I am working on it (WELL trying to LOL). Ciao ciao!!

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