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Today's topic: Things I am thankful for

Thankful to my parents who read me bedtime stories when I was little. The only ones who will never turn their backs to me no matter what. I am thankful to them for being understanding and loving even though I mess up a lot of things. Their love is the definition of irrevocable and unwavering.
The color to my monochrome life. Books made me feel all kinds of emotions, blissful, melancholic, frustrated, pained, confused, *insert keyboard smash* etcetc. My love for books will never waver. One point or another books mended and changed me. I am not the person I am now without the help of books. Thank you authors for sharing pieces of yourselves.
TREVOR. LUKE CASTELLAN. JEM CARSTAIRS. My ultimate book boyfriends aka the love of my fictional life and the epitome of "where can I find them in reality?". Thank you for making me feel all warm and damned in love. LOL MUSHY.
My 14 year old sister who fangirls with me always. We have the same love for books and kpop. We go ASDFGEJIFKDKSJKSKJ like crazy when we talk about fictional characters, kpop artists etc. My books are her books too! Sometimes we engaged in shallow and silly fights, but never had a major misunderstanding. Love her so much.
I'm thankful for the opportunity to study in on the best engineering school in the Philippines. My dream school ever since gradeschool and ever since I discovered what degree I am up to. I'll do my best and I promise I'll graduate in Mapua Institute of Technology. Yay. (please pray for me :D)
Kpop /biases/ or in mundane term, favorites. I am thankful for their existence. Aside from fictional characters, the people that always set up my mood during my rough days are my biases namely Luhan, Jessica & Donghae. (they're probably aliens to you guys LOL) but yes, they are the cup of sunshine in a bucket of rain!! (lol trying to be figurative)
My gadgets mainly Mimi and Momo!! Mimi is my phone while Momo is my laptop. (I just thought about it last week tbh). They say that gadgets can't make you happy, well they are wrong. Mimi has an e-book reader and he is my entertainment in every humdrum situation especially in train rides and travel. Momo was a gift from my dad. My first ever laptop (like my own no one to share to).
Thankful for the existence of Mcflurry, blackpearl chocolate shake, takuyaki balls, KFC gravy and most of all CHOCOLATES. Yes, my comfort food, my favorites, the love of my hungry life, the foods I'll bring in outer space or after life (omg the thought scares me HAHAHA)
I am thankful for my private twitter HAHAHAHA. All my ramblings and raging thoughts are safely posted there lol No one follows me there so I am free to tweet whatever I want especially in times of fury, sadness and also happiness. and also when I secretly & privately bash people (i'm sorry btw :3)
Awww. My piece of gem. I have lots of blog, but I think this the most active at the moment. Thank you to the lovely people who followed and commented on my posts and reviews. You guys rock I swear! ;)

And I would like to thank the academy............ LOL

cue for me to wipe my tears. Seriously, while I was thinking of the things I am thankful for it felt so nostalgic and emotional.

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  1. I forgot to add foods on my list! haha Probably because I'm trying my very best to avoid them for now as I'm on a diet. Congratulations and good luck in college! Some of my friends are studying in Mapua as well and I heard how hard Engineering is there. So do your best! :)

    1. Food will always be on any list I am thankful for LOL. Ahhh me too! I am on a diet too and I miss my comfort food so much. College is draining me, but just keep pushing! :)

      Thank you, Trish!

  2. How awesome that you and your sister love the same books and get to fangirl together. That's so great!

    1. Yes! We always go crazy together! I also consider her as a bestfriend <3

      Thanks for dropping by, Susan!

  3. Lovely post and so many wonderful things to be thankful for. One of my sisters reads too and we fangirl together, it's always fun.

    1. Yes definitely the epitome of FUN! We all are thankful for everything ;)

  4. Fictional boyfriends, ftw! I get so territorial too, even thought I know they aren't real. Noah Shaw is my and I can't take you seriously if you don't think so, you know? I'm thankful for my book blog too, I've made so many bookish friends because of it and I'm so grateful for them.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books
    My TTT

    1. Oohhh I so love Noah Shaw! One of the swoon-worthy book boyfriend ever. Can't wait for TRoMD! :D I am on my 4th month of book blogging and I am just getting to know more bloggers! x Thanks for dropping by, Aly!

  5. Ahhh yes, k-pop biases and food, I know how you feel about them. I love that you added all the extra o's in fooooooood because it makes it seem like you're 100x more excited for it!

    Good luck in college! :D

    Jackie at Bookcharmed

    1. Hey, Jackie! OMG so you are a kpop fan too? OMG. Yes, foooooooooods with all the o's for emphasis <33

      Thank you!

  6. That's so cool that you have a sister that likes to read as much as you do! I wish I had a sister or a bestie that I could fangirl with. Most of my friends arent bookish types and the ones that are don't really read YA. I totally agree about parents. In the end they really are the only ones out there that will always be on your side no matter what. And it's super interesting to read about the stuff people from other countries like(Im in the US). I didn't know they had McFlurries in the Philippines! That's awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT


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