Abby shares: Happy incident (breaking a bed w/ bestfriends)

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Jan 3, 2014.

My friends (highschool bestfriends) and I decided to watch a movie. From the morning to afternoon we were at the mall having fun, chatting endlessly and just laughing at almost everything. I terribly missed them. Since college started for us we were busy as hell and no more time to check and catch up with each others' lives. Going back, around 5pm we decided to go to our friend's house to chat more and all the things bestfriends do. At first everything was fine. Picture here. Picture there. Selfie there. Selfie here. Then, we almost took a group picture on my friend's bed HAHA BUT the thing happened. We broke the bed. HOW? Silly and absurd, only 5 people were on the bed then my friend who was holding the camera joined on the bed and after a breathe.....the bed collapsed. W T F. Our eyes widened in shock like O_O We got off the bed as fast as a lightning and freaked out. What are we going to do??????? But the shock was replaced with laughter as we realized how funny the incident was. We laughed heartily -- carefree and oblivious to the consequences. And that moment, I swear we were on a bliss ride. So if you're curious what's the bed looks like now....
Sorry kinda lq....... You see that V shaped HAHAHAHA. The dent we had caused. 

(1) We were trying to move the bed outside her room to the empty room, and it took us goddy 30 mins because the bed won't cooperate to pass the narrow hallway. (2) That's my friend, Kim, and us on the dark background (we look like spirits HAHAHA) (3) My friend being a creep and not helping at all LOL and me on the cameo.

My bestfriends for life. Supposed to be we're 4, but the other wasn't around. But these two are my bestest to the best friends.

At the mall with my other friends. HAHA trying to fit all in the picture. We tried. We really tried.

I MISSED THEM SO MUCH. So happy to be with them almost the whole day and doing the usual crazy things we do. There's always a catastrophe when we are together and no regrets at all. With them it's always the epitome of F U N. 


Currently reading World After by Susan Ee! So far so good!
Have a good day, everyone! And don't break your friend's bed HAHAHA.

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  1. Bahaha! That's great! I, sorry about the bed. ;)


Thank you for your comment! ♡ Happy reading to everyone!