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I am bored........and really bored. I created a mini book survey where I totally have no idea what's going on. It's just an itty-bitty survey with the possibilities of mixing and matching different book characters. A little rubbish, but I enjoyed answering it anyway. If you're going to do this, I advise that you should also list the characters with their numbers on a paper so you won't be confuse! Let's begin!

List 7 book characters - Please write both girl & boy characters ; if 3rd sex then go ; even animals can also be listed (don't look at the questions below if you haven't listed the characters or else i'll murder you in your sleep).

1. James Carstairs
2. Penryn Young
3. Percy Jackson
4. Daniel Altan Wing
5. Finnick Odair
6. Captain Meow
7. Celeana 


A. If 1 & 5 will meet one day will they be good friends?
I wish Jem can handle Caymen's wittiness, but I do hope they will!

B. 6 & 7 met in a bar, will they make out?

C. If all these characters are to be put in The Annual Hunger Games, who would win?
PENRYN will go Cato to all the tributes. WATCH OUT!

D. If 1 created a book blog, will it last long? 
JEM HAHAHAHA No! If he created a music blog, yes,that's the one that will last long!

E. If 5 & 6 are stuck in an island, will 5 kill 6 and cook him/her/it for a meal?
Caymen killing a cat...... Camymen eating a cat....... For survival purposes only, sorry Church, but I think Caymen will. *gags*

G. If 1, 3 & 4 are being chased by zombies, who will be the first to be devoured by zombies?
JEM because both Percy and Day have stamina of a an athlete and warrior, and Jem is kinda fragile *oh god cries*

H. Among all the characters, who would most likely to upload his/her first selfie in instagram.
Captain Meow because she's a fabulous immortal cat.
I. If 3 is to suggest a book to 2, what would that be?
Percy: have you heard of The Lightning Thief?
Celeana: Nope. Why?
Percy: That's a really cool book with all the greek gods & demigods mojo and everything. Check that out! The main guy named, Per... Perseeus? Perky? Perrie? Is achingly handsome, you might want to check him out!
Celeana: Oh sure. Thanks buddy.
Percy: *winks*

J. Can 4 & 7 be your otp?
Both of them are badass and fighters, but Celeana doesn't really fit or even contrast Day vice versa.

K. What HP spell will 5 cast on 2?
Protego or the shield charm, I guess. Finnick doesn't need another woman fawning over him. LOL.

L. If you can sacrifice one character in order to save the world from ending, who would it be?
Finnick Odair...cause least favorite character?????? OMG I CANNOT

M. Choose three characters that would best fit the Edward-Bella-Jacob love affair
Why did I even create this question... Okay.... Day - Penryn - Captain Meow I mean, Finnick.

N. If 1 and 3 meet for the first time, will there be a brewing WWIII?
Um, no? Because Jem & Percy are reaaaaally good guys! They can talk about the greek myth and shadowhunter world.

O. Lastly, among all the seven characters you listed, who's your favorite of them all (ONLY ONE)
Daniel Altan Wing. Nuff said.


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  1. Love Jem! Yeah, he'd have an amazing music blog, but Will would be the one with the book blog. That he would post on sporadically, of course.


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