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Another segment in my book blog will be this one. As the title suggests, this is more of personal stuff about me. Apart from the bookish Abby, there are also other sides of me that I want to share :) This would be fun especially if it happens that we have the same non-bookish hobby/interest! Don't worry you won't see me posting things like this often! :D If you have some non-booskish sides that you want to share, feel free to do this one!

So today, I am going to share my other side which is my love for editing through photoshop.

The first time I used photoshop for the very first time was last 2010. I was so enthralled and addicted over the edits in tumblr so I downloaded a CS4. It took me a whole day to familiarize myself with the ps interface and its basic features. I am self-taught. Everything that I want to know, I googled it, search the depths of tutorial blogs just to create an edit/graphic/gfx.

 At first I only do color fixing like using of gradients, contrasts, adjusting of brightness, vibrance and mixing different colors to pictures. Here are some of the edits I made ages ago. HAHA.
These are korean idols and they were like my lab rats HAHA I edit alot of their pictures and upload it in tumblr!

The ever beautiful Lily Collins also became one of my favorite people to edit! This one is kinda new like a few months ago ;)

GIF-ing also became a favorite discovery of mine! I do gif, but just the usual kind of gifing + color fixing. Here are some samples:

But then I STOPPED. Not because I wanted to, but because my first laptop broke and I was ps-less for months until I got used not to edit anymore. When I got a new laptop I was surprised that it has already a PS installed, but only the CS not the upgraded versions 8( It has limits which I found appalling. Guess what? I didn't go back to editing yet. I still feel the hangover of being ps-less that is why I engaged more to other stuff (which you'll know in the future *winks)

Then I started working for our school's paper layout. I don't know what the hell got into my mind to volunteer for that position, but my instinct said "G O". Though doing the layout required only MS Publisher, I still used PS to enhance the graphics and texts on the paper. The editor-in-chief actually scolded me for putting designs and not-so-mundane fonts HAHA I guess our school was a minimalist. LOL. Moving on, I decided to go back exploring the photoshop world then started doing some of the perplex edits like changing the background, adding textures and adding some effects on text etc etc. I admit that this kind of edits took plenty of my time, but this got to be my favorite kind. I love playing with textures and brushes. I have a ridiculous number of texture packs and brushes downloaded (even though I just pile them and rarely use them). 

Here are my favorites of all my textured edits:

Lately, I've been trying to create typography but I am failing miserably. I am still learning the basics and practicing through book quotes. I never thought that this is more dreading!!

I kinda lie-low in editing. I rarely edit anymore, I only open PS to do some stuff for my book blog. Sigh. I do miss it, but I really have to prioritize and use my time properly. *cries*

TIP 101:

I am not a professional nor near something like that, but I can assure to aspirant editors that it only takes practice, familiarization, some googling and a lot of browsing of tutorials. If you have an idea in mind about a particular edit, don't be afraid to try it! I am not abash to admit that I always ran out of ideas that is why I rarely edit anymore, but still once an idea pops in I rush to open PS and start busying myself. And while you feel the editor block, don't stop exploring the world of photoshop. It's fun and addicting, but surreal time consuming! HAHA. Well, if you are interested to some resources of tutorial or textures, here here here here here. These blogs were like sanctuary for ps users. ;)

So thaaat's it! This is my other side: A sucker for photoshop. How about you? Do you have the same pique of interest? Let me knooooow! xo

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  1. My computer crashed and I have been without photoshop so I have been using other sites to edit my pictures. I do miss photoshop.

    1. Aww, it happened to me too and I did miss photoshop :< There's so many sites that also edits pics, but I think GIMP, PS, Picmonkey are the best. I hope your laptop will be fixed soon! :D

  2. I would LOVE to do this. I would sososo love to do this.... Buuut, my computer would not run it even if I owned it (it's very old, my dear old laptop). I'm stuck with Picmonkey and it's very tight limitations. But your pics look great!

    1. HAHA Yay for that! I think you should because OMG it would be awesome to know your other sides, Cait! Thank you!

  3. Great post! I'm self taught too in Photoshop =) I first gained interest because I loved making forum signatures. I actually made signatures for many years and only recently stopped that. I love Photoshop and can't image not having that tool =)


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