Life of a Blogger (2): Celebrity Crushes

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Today's topic is about Celebrity Crushes.

Oh my god. That was the first thing I muttered when I knew about the topic for this week. I am just so excited, but also nervous to share my celebrity crushes. I really have a looooooooot and I am not even kidding if I tell you I fangirl almost at everyone. HAHA. I know we are mature enough, so I am not going to restrain myself in exposing my celebrity crushes. Most of them are from the kpop industry :D

1. Lee Donghae: I loooooove him to bits. He's a korean idol and umm what can I say? I simply love him. He's funny, cute, gorgeous, beautiful in & out, his love for his fans is just pure I CANNOT *wipes tears* Ugh. I wish I can explain how much I really really really love him :( Been his fan for 4 years already and I regret not even a single day of it. Okay, I seriously need to stop being melodramatic huh.

2. Lu Han: Oh god Abby another korean idol????? Oh you'll be shock to know how many korean idols i like. He's not a korean, he is technically living in Korea and making his name there along with the other group members, but he's a Chinese (and elaborating the story would be mehh) :) A confession: HE IS MY ONLY CELEB CRUSH THAT MADE ME CRY AND NOT ONLY ONCE BUT I THINK LOTSA TIMES ALREADY :( Aside from the fact that he's so adorable, and his eyes are probably the purest thing to stare at; he is genuine and sincere and beautiful and ......... just simply beautiful. He really swept me off my feet. Ugh. I loooooove him so so so much. And I am sorry for gushing BUT I CANT HELP IT.

3. Justin Bieber: Been believing since 2008 and counting. Sorry not sorry. Actually what really is striking about him? He loves his fans and music the most. (well except his family and friends cause thats given) People always jump in the bandwagon that he is a bad person. Tsk tsk. It actually hurts, the media always picking at him and always making him the spotlight for all bad doings. I mean c'mon, other celebrities do it why only make a big hell out of him??? It's actually tiring, but it's worth defending and supporting him. As I said, he loves his FANS & MUSIC the most. I miss those moments when he was still not that famous, only a few were patronizing his music. Those were the days... :((( He was free and carefree - he can be the teenager he was; he committed mistakes without the whole world fussing over him. He actually makes me teary eyed all of the time. It seems like that I can feel his pain too. :( STOP IT ABBY UGH.

4. Britney Spears: THE QUEEN. Okay, this is weird but she was the one who really inspired me to dance. I've been her fan since 2003, I think. She's a performer. A PERFORMER. And that's what I like about her the most. QUEEN OF POP MUSIC OH YEAH.

you said you’d be my dream. i could have you every night and if, by morning i’d forgotten you, well, no big deal. that’d be all right because you’re the reoccurring kind.

5. Jessica Jung: Right, another korean, but this time half-kor, half-american. She's what I called, a goddess. Just look at her face. She's funny without even trying and she's plain-spoken which makes her funnier. And she sucks at drawing and sports. I love her more. HAHA. She's a total fashion diva. I swear, she treats airports as her runway. ;n;

6. Candice Swanepoel: FOREVER GIRL CRUSH. She's one of the famous VS Angels and she is just simply drop dead gorgeous. Forever my favorite VS Angel!!

7. Francisco Lachowski: OH MY GOD ICANT BREA THE   E EE HELP. One word: Sexy. No..... Panty-combusting *cries* I think he's the only model that I really have a eye on. C'mon, his stare could turn someone into a goo and his smile? Goodbye Earth.

8. Chachi Gonzales: MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE DANCER EVER. LIKE EVER. Nobody moves like Chachi. Her moves are jaw-dropping. How does she even do that? She slays every song with her dance moves. Effortless. Too effortless. And she's really pretty. And she loves doughnuts. I can totally watch her dance all daaaaay. That's how enthralling she is.

Soooooo, that's it - for now. I really have a lot of celebrities in my list, but I guess I should leave it up to 8 since it might bore a lot of people already. ;) HAHA.

How about you? Who are your favorite celebrity crushes? Let's gush over them!!

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  1. Candice Swanepoel!!! Oh gosh, I'm not even sure she's human. She's so beautiful! She's my favorite VS angel too (because she's blonde and I'm blonde and we are thus connected (kidding)). I also love Miranda Kerr. :P

    I have a couple friends who have met Chachi! She's in Vegas sometimes so that's pretty cool. :)

    Francisco Lachowski is allllll over Tumblr. He's so sexy though! I can see why.

    Sydney @ Utterly Bookish

    1. OH MY GOD FOR REALZ!!! I envy your friends. so. damn. much. Yay for Candice & Miranda! They are also my faves but Candice really tops it!

      Is Francisco even a human im cry ;n;

      Thanks Sydney fro dropping by! :)

  2. *melts* Wooo.. thanks for introducing me to this Francisco Lachowski, ow ow!!! I can't say I'm a fan of Bieber, but it IS pretty tiring hearing people rag on him constantly. :p

    1. HELL TO THE YES it's too repetitive it's always him the media picking at mehhhh

      And another hell to the yes to sexy francisco lachowski :D

  3. Hehe...I don't have many celebrity crushes. I crush on movies and books...but not a particular person in them. ;)

    1. I wish I could live with that cause life would be easier a tad bit :D

  4. Chris Hemsworth. Probably the only one I can say that is absolutely gorgeous. Zac Effron is a close second. As he gets older, he seems to get more and more attractive.

    1. I was about to add Chris' brother, but..... :) Hemsworth brothers *swoon*
      True that! But I always have a heart over the teenage Zac (hs musical cries)

  5. There is a huge thriving industry selling us the dirt on celebrities. Telling us everything that is spicy in the personal life of people with parkinsons and our beloved celebrities.


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