Any Thoughts?: When reviews turn into rants

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rant /rant/

1. speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.

2. To speak or write in an angry or violent manner.

SO this will be short. I just want to ask you guys, if it happens that a book you've anticipated to read made you so disappointed and bored and meh and grimace and cringe and and and literally want to stab your eyes, do you still write reviews about it?

Before starting the book:

Reading the book:

The second I finished the book:

And then 10 seconds after:

So there are levels of the metamorphosis HAHA (which I just made up)

1. The Denial: NO! I refuse to believe that this the same author who wrote the other books in the series. Maybe someone kidnapped her/him!! NOOOOO!!!

2. Calming down: Okay, I need to sort my shits out and mull over my opinion about the book *breathe in breathe out*

3. I really tried: So here it goes *tries to write a coherent review* This book was so depressing I think I had a trauma. This is why reading the sequels are both making me anxious and apprehensive! First of all, the plot is.... is...... um.... yeah While the characters became....too full of themselves? *hovers fingers on keyboard thinking of other adjectives to use*

4. The actual metamorphosis: 

  • The characters were all flawed and they did stupid mistakes and oH MY GOD THEY DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY???? *depressed gif* 
  • The book started smooth, but as the pages thinned, the events turned into a mayhem of fuckery ans no I don't get it whT THE HELL IS HAPPENING! *wtf reaction gif*
  • The ending would've been acceptable if it didn't look abrupt and a feeble stitch for a HEA!!!!! and that ring? THAT FREAKIGN RING? Where was that IDEA CAME FROM JUST WHY AUTHOR *What the hell reaction gif*

5. Realization: I think I ranted too much? Did I? Um.... I think, yes. Oh my god, I did!

6. Rereading + denial again: No, I still don't trust my feels right now. This book will get better I just need to reread it. Yes, maybe, yes!

I just read Erased by Jennifer Rush and I was really looking forward to read this one, but then as I read it, I found myself utterly dismayed!!! I was typing my reasons (like coherent) but I just can't. I end up rambling and ranting with some gifs to emphasize. Want to know how?

I intent to reread it again and see if it'll be better the second time around. But for now, I am not up to elaborate on my reasons and go all "reviewer mode" because I am so sad and disappointed :-((

How about you, guys? Have you been on the same situation? How do you handle? I would want to know!

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  1. When I write reviews for books that I don't like, I have to edit them down because I start ranting in my reviews too. Good luck on the reread. I think I would just get angrier rereading a book that I didn't like.

    1. HAHA I always do that! Rant an rant and rant :( Thanks! I do hope it'll get better the second time around! :D

  2. I've only done this a few times...hehe. And I let myself! (After I made a pact to myself not to do it too often. XD) I don't like to rant in my reviews, because I'm worried I'll bore the readers. So I limit myself to picking ONE thing if I want to hash it out. ;) GIFs help though. Oh yes. They sum up paragraphs very easily.

    1. Good for you! I tend to really rant on my reviews which really bothers me 8( And when words fail me let the gifs do the talking HAHA


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