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Just a quick drop by! Hello! I've been abandoning this for a while. It had been a tough 1st week of second term for me and as the term begins, hws and activities started rushing almost taking me off with it. Actually, I found it extremely blissful when I get to read books in between my travelling time to school and back home. I've got to read 3 books for Wonderfully Wicked Read-A-Thon and my reviews will come maybe tomorrow :) I've reread one of my favorite books and that is Bully by Penelope Douglas. Let's have a quick recap of my agenda for tomorrow 'til next week.

Reviews to come:

Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen
Yeah, this wasn't on my TBR for WW R-A-T but I felt it beckoning me to read and so I did! I gave it a 4 stars in goodreads and my review will be posted tomorrow ;) So broken, but freaking good book!

Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken
\AMAZING! I don't know if I can write a coherent review for this but I am trying ;)

Bully by Penelope Douglas
I've already wrote a review for this a long time ago. Check it out if you want ;) Well, I don't know why but I sort of missed reading this so I reread it again two days ago. It is still so freakingly good even the second time around!

Whoops! I am reading Eleanor and Park as of the moment and I am opting to write a review :) I missed blogging and stalking blogs (creeper). I hope before the WW Read-A-Thon ends, I already finished this one so I can declare a total of 4 books and 1 reread in my goal. Yay for me! :) 

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