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Cheers for my first top ten tuesday post! 
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by by the broke and the bookish. This Tuesday the topic set on our platter to discuss is:
October 1: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs 

1st: Immature characters: well I really abhor immature characters especially when they are on their twenties. It makes me cringe. Example: Syd from Frigid.

2nd: Too much swearing: I am not gonna lie when I tell you I swear in real life and over the web, but when the characters cuss SO OFTEN THAT MY EYEBALLS INSTANTLY ROLLS......that's bad stuff. It actually depends on the situation, if it's a nature of rage and anguish, pain etc then fine, but when it's just normal conversation (in which the characters just keep spitting out cuss words with no apparent reason, then that's bad hots).

3rd: Love Triangles: I just don't like it. One will always be in dungeon of misery while the other gets the bacon. Especially when it's very obvious who will end up together. Er. Seriously. Like, The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa. I liked the series but the relationship.... Um. But some authors give justice towards love triangle, like The Infernal Devices of Cassie Clare.

4th: Stepmother or dad who is too cruel: Pulling off a cinderella theme? Oh well, no!

5th: Sex! and sex!: Sex scenes are inevitable especially NA novels, but what really irks the hell out of me is when nothing happens, just sex SEX AND SEX! Where's the plot? What happened with the flow? Some authors write so much sex scenes that I think I can never stomach to finish the whole story.

6th: Oh god "She's mine and only mine! Don't touch her.. Don't DONT DONT": Yup, obsessive guy characters can really go overboard and become unbearable. 

7th: Parents? Where are you, Mom and Dad?: I actually like it when parents are involved but not too much. Do you get me? I just don't like it when parents show whenever it is the ending scene or just to comfort their children..Pivot Point by Kasie West is the book that parents are really involved but didn't take too much of the pages, just the right involvement and part. Well if the parents are dead or lost then maybe it can be excused.

8th: Insta-Love: Um, actually instalove is okay as long as it is well-written, but some insta-love books defy "well-written" so it pretty much annoys me. 

9th: Bitchy bitch: If you the characters has a bitchy side but still witty and sensible then you are not included in tihs category. BUT if you are the flirtious one with no wit just pure bitchiness and pulls out an attitude, then WELCOME TO THE CATEGORY!

10: Wimpy characters: Sometimes characters are natural wimpy at first especially if situations allow them but duhhhh putting your shits together and setting on a CMON FIGHT attitude won't harm.  

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  1. I see we share a few! I totally agree with over-possessiveness as well. What a load of crap.
    And sex? I don't mind it, if it's normal. But those silly descriptions of manhoods and stuff? GTFO. :D
    Awesome list!

    My TTT

    1. @Ula: thank you! yeah I figured we almost have the same turn-offs well, great minds think alike? :D Too much of everything becomes too annoying lol

  2. Lately, insta-love, missing parents and over possessive love interests seem to almost be a standard with some books.

    1. @BookGirl, yup it became a trend especially in YA. A few books will give justice to the insta-love or missing parents but over possessive love? I think that's really a bod shot.

  3. I absolutely agree with #5. A little can go a long way when it comes to sex scenes, one is good but if there's to many I skip over them.
    Here's my list this week

    1. @Monique, me too! I skip if the author enjoyed writing so much scenes like that! x Nice list, monique!

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  5. I am totally with you on this list!! I can't stand to read a book that has swearing as part of all the characters convos. Like if they are going to swear make it be because they're really pissed off, not just "hey how the f-- are you?". The obsessive guy trend in books scares me anymore. I don't know why ppl go for a book guy that is all psycho. And the all the porn in NA books is why I haven't been reading them. I need a story not constant sex scenes.... BLAH!

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT


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