bye bye reading slump!

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I had a reading slump for a whole 2 weeks! That's hella scary. First of all, it was because of the concert I attended to last Oct. 24, 2013. A week before that concert I was a bit panicky and jumpy. I was so freaking excited that I set aside my current reads. Sorry, Eleanor & Park and Unchained. I tried so hard to continue reading either of the two, but my mind kept on rejecting the idea so I really had to put them back on my shelf. After the concert was over, my mind wasn't really into focus. If you are interested to know what happened hahahahaha I'll link my personal blogpost about it. Moving on, after a week I finally decided to pickup what I've left and that means Eleanor & Park. I've finished it and yeah, it was an ok book to me. I will write a review for that soon. But I rated it 3 stars in good reads.

Another thing is that lips HAHAHAHAHA I decided to use it as 'stars' for my blog. I won't replace my previous reviews with that because shisuz it will kill time. I created them that's why they are extra special \o/

Reviews Reviews Reviews. Ummmm.. I bummed out with book reviews. I planned to write a review for the following, but I never had the chance to ///facepalm

I have no plan to write a review for Never Fade anymore since word aren't enough how much I loved that book. Wild Cards is number 2 in my priority list and E & P is ummm still unsure.

First November READ!

You see that hottie guy with an amazing body and a death glare. Yup. That's Daemon Black, a swoon-worthy alien with a lot of wittiness and cockiness. I finished Origin JUST. NOW. Before I started writing this. It was awesome!!! Well anyway this is on the priority list!

So there you have it. My ramblings and a lot of weird talk. So excited to touch this blog again. (AND POST WEEKLY MEMES) ugh I totally forgot about that ==

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