Top Ten Tuesday (2)

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
So today's topic is: Best/Worst Series Enders.

I love love series! But then I realized how much I haven't finish a whole lot series to make a post about it. So, I made a new rule LMAO I will have the Top 5 best series ender that I've read and top 5 series enders that haven't yet released but I am sure would be a BANG! I can't think of any WORST so let's skip that ;)

1. Clockwork Princess: THIS BOOK WAS SHEER PAIN AND BLISS. NO WORDS. NO WORDS. CASSIE CLARE REALLY KNOW HOW TO KICK HER READERS IN THE GUTS AD MAKE THEM SUFFER THE "BOOK-HANGOVER-PAINFUL-SYNDROME". The epilogue slayed me! Well, this is the best ending for The Infernal Devices. I couldn't ask for more!

2. The Last Olympian: I cried so hard reading the last pages especially (luke's death). So much adventure, action, clever plans, reconciliation, evil doings, etc. Chair-grabbing, fast paced book. Rick Riordan, U da man!!

3. The Last Battle: I believe a lot of people found the ending "not acceptable" or "wtf that's it?" but as far as I can remember this is one of the best ending to a series ever written!! (although I wish Susan had her reunion with her family)

4. Chose at Nightfall: So many struggles. So many problems. The conclusion is a little bit MEH but I dont care I loved this one!

5. The Promise: OMG this book was the perfect ending for the so ever perplex yet exhilarating series! So many twists and turns but the author manage to write a decent conclusion and resolution.That was a tough reading ride!

1. Split Second: AHHHHHHHHHHH SCREAMS too much fangirling. Five words. I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!!!

2. City of Heavenly Fire: Oh la la.. The cover is too fierce. I smell deaths. I can't wait to read this!! Tessa and Jem will be here (actually that the number one reason why I'm so friggin excited to read this)

3. Sentinel: Oh my.... This will come out Nov. 2!! So excited for the conclusion of The Covenant Series. My baby Seth!

4. The Retribution of Mara Dyer: Two words. NOAH SHAW. I can't wait to find out how this mind-wrecking triolgy will end.

5. The Blood of Olympus: It doesn't have the cover but the title is already unraveled!!!! RICK RIORDAN YOU BETTER NOT SLAY ANY OF THE SEVEN AND OTHER DEMIGODS (maybe you can you know...Piper jk...well not really) The Final Battle of Percy Jackson and his gang. SCREAMS

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  1. Good list, I love The Last Olympian as well.

    1. @lilylilac, thank you! :D TLO was a killer I cried because of Luke sigh TTTT

  2. Thanks for that Tess & Jem teaser, I loved CP & though I'm not a big fan of clary & jace, I love the other characters.

    New follower!
    My Best & Worst

    1. @BraineTS, I used to ship them so hard but things got messy with their relationship just like how Cassie added another 3 books to TMI, but yeah I am seriously excited for COH because of Jem and Tessa though my reason sounds irrational and meh for TMI fans lol

      thank you for following, I'll follow you back! :D


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