MARATHON: Heroes of the Olympus Series

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House of Hades will come out in a matter of 5 days! Wohoo!! So, I've already read The Lost Hero and I haven't wrote a review about it, but I rated it 4 stars in goodreads. The first book didn't really satisfy me as much as the PJO did, but anything Rick Riordan is worth reading. I am pretty much attached to the characters of PJO (especially Luke Castellan my baby) that I will surely finish this spin-off. In this series a new quest was set and another great prophecy was spoken. 
7 demigods shall answer the call..
Jason Grace (new book crush alert!), Piper McLean and Leo Valdez were already introduced in The Lost Hero and everyone knew that they are the 3/7 of the quest that leaves 4 more. I've read atleast 40 pages of The Son of Neptune and I think I've already knew the other 3. Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque and the greatest demigod of his time, Percy Jackson!! *SQUEALS* 1 more demigod and according to my sister who pretty much spoiled some stuffs, it is Annabeth Chase who'll complete the 7 demigods. I AM SO EXCITED! I can't wait to read how this seven will take on the journey to stop Gaea from waking up and conquering the world!!! I will talk more on the series once I am done with House of Hades.

This calls for a marathon!! I am on a term break 'til Oct 10 so I am 100% I can finish all three books in my marathon. 

Oct 3-4: The Son of Neptune
Oct 5-7: The Mark of Athena
Oct  8 (if I am lucky enough to get my pre-ordered copy) or 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13: The House of Hades
I am sure that within 8-13 I would be able to get my hands on House of Hades so I am setting my schedule up to 13.

I haven't read the synopsis of the 3 books because I know it's spoilery. *smirks*

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