Review: The Promise

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The Promise
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Publsih Date: 2012
Genre: YA, paranormal, fantasy
Rating: ★★★★★

My name is Gemma Lucas and my life's a mess. Alex is gone, my dad's trapped in his own mind, and my mom's working for the dark side. Not to mention Nicholas refuses to quit haunting me. The world has also entered apocalyptic mode. Everyday more vampires, witches, and fey run the streets. Innocent people are dying. The Mark of Malefiscus is showing up everywhere. And I'm the only one who can stop it. The only problem is I have to die in order to do so. And I have to let Alex die. Something I'm not sure I can do.

It's done! The fallen star series is done, atleast on my part I'm done. I stayed up till 2am to finish this magnificent paranormal book. This is the last installment of the Fallen Star series and I would like to commend Jessica Sorensen for ending it with swoon-fest scene. I'm actually surprised that Jessica didn't end it with aCLIFFHANGER knowing that she's the queen of cliffhangers and also knowing that this has a spin-off.

I was on a whirlpool of emotions while reading this book. Each pages felt like a vacuum sucking air out of me. I just can't breathe!! This book made me laugh, cry, swoon, squirm, annoy (antagonist's side), smile A LOT, worry and all sorts of raw emotions I can think off. It also made me pull my hair out of frustration. I just want to jump inside the book and hollered at them, "Can you both shut up. You won't die!!!" I swear it was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I never wanted to bring this down. Every pages, words, letters, punctuation and spaces made my heart flutter and sometimes made me grab the mattress of my bed because of the freaking intense scenes and new blazing stuffs like new characters and new worlds.

Jessica Sorensen made a world that's so wonderful and dangerous at the same time. The idea of a fallen star landing on Earth, the Foreseers & Keepers, the faeries, witches, vampires, the underworld, the queens of the different world, the quest of Gemma & Alex, the stretch out hand of Laylen & Aislin whenever and wherever, the antagonists' never ending evil doings, the ghosts, were all brought to a different and unique level that I can't fathom how good it was. The book was well-written and the characters were well-woven as each books passed. The story progressed in a slow and well detailed pace that I think it was one of its number one success of the whole series.

In this book, everything had come to an end, including the evils that Stephan & Dimitrus was. Gemma and Alex was put into a very fatal situation where their relationship was tested to its extreme. What really amazed and fascinated me was despite how complicated everything was, the author was able to put every puzzle piece together and everything was put in perfect shape like every piece perfectly fitted each other. My mind was on a game where i can't predict what's going to happen next that's why stopping to take a break seemed like a total bummer. The characters that appeared in this book was a total mystery to me. My mouth agape on how these new characters brought the answers to Gemma and Alex. Most of the time I was yelling,"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?" or "DID THAT JUST FREAKING HAPPENED?" No exaggeration, it really happened to me and it might happened to anyone hooked in this book/series.

The secondary characters like Aislin, Laylen and Nicholas were all adorable, well except the fact that Nicholas has this annoying voice and aura while Aislin & Laylen somewhat appeared a threat towards Alex. Ailin was a cry baby here but I loved how she discovered more spells and consumed more power for the betterment of all of them, while Laylen was this very mysterious vampire here which I can't decipher whether he loves Gemma or Aislin. I'm confused, Laylen!!! I really liked Aislin ever since the series started up to its end. She had this i-won't-give-up aura and determination all over her body. I salute her for such commendable will. 

Don't start with Gemma and Alex cause I think I'll flip shits.
He paused, his eyes doing a quick sweep up my body, and a dark look crossed his face.

“You can keep the dress, though, if you want to.”

I stared at him blankly, but on the inside my heart was about to explode. “Keep looking at me like that,” I said, my voice surprisingly steady. “And you’re going to kill us both right where we stand.”

KINKY ALEX IS KINKY!! It was a turn on okay, I giggled while reading this scene where Gemma was almost turned to a Black Angel. I kept this mantra on me "This is the romance I'm yearning for" which is really true. Alex and Gemma's relationship was one of the best couple I've ever read. Their relationship wasn't the easiest infact I think it's one of the most perplexing relationship ever. I'm always craving for more of them but then again they can't be together that close (which means sexual frustration was very smoldering because always interrupted by those electricity shits). They made me frustrated, tensed and shaky. Whenever Alex give Gemma "the stare" my insides flipped and I'm about to vomit rainbows. I loved how their relationship revolved and ameliorated, it was a total world turner reading how they both discovered the truth. Their souls are bonded forever, so I guess they are stuck with each other for FOREM. Shiz, that word kept hunting me ever since book 2. It was a reminder that I shed tears, burst out giggles and smiled out of either frustration or bliss. I just love them both. Everything improved, corrected and mended the way everything should be.
“Aleesa’s weird.” He smiled, moving his lips for mine. “And what does it matter if she’s happy.”

“You’re right,” I said and met him the rest of the way, pressing my lips to his.

We kissed, our souls beating as one. Always and forever.

Aleesa will certainly play a big role on the spin-off. I am just not sure whether it'll be for the good or the bad, but one thing I'm certain of is I really like to discover more about Aleesa. This book and the previous one only gave me a glimpse of her character that's why I'm craving for more of her. See you in Lost Souls Aleesa.

I just want to mention the moral lesson Anabella emphasized in this book. I think their conversation lit up the whole concept of the whole series.
“Nothing’s ever easy.”

“Sometimes it is.” She urged the orb at me. “But it’s the easy answers that humans question, which only makes it complicated.”

“I think I understand,” I said, and gently picked up the orb of essence, which was warm in my hand like sunshine.

“Remember,” she said. “Not everything is as hard as you think. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us.”

I loved every bits of this book and series. I'm moving forward now, moving my way to the spin off. The whole series exceeded my expectation and I'm glad I read it. If you love paranormal with a mind blowing and heart-fluttering plot then you should grab the whole 4 books of this series and start reading it. I didn't regret devouring this series and I think paranormal junkies will also loved it the way I loved it. It brought out a different reading experience for me and I thank Jessica Sorensen for creating this series which I will always look up to.

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